Easter & stuff.

We started our easter weekend with a little trip to the town of Alcester, just down the road from us.
(I have a bit of a thing for pretty lacy curtains in the window.)

Followed by a day at a good old National Trust property...
(Uh-mazing tree! don't it make you just want to climb up into it? )

where the girls ran and chased each other in the gardens...

shoes and socks came off....

and WAR was declared!

Easter Sunday morning.


Phew... ! Are you still with me? Quite a few pictures there. Sorry about that! I did get rather snap happy that weekend.

I was looking back over my old blog a few days ago and it was so nice to remember the things I had been up to and where life has led us. It made me think about why I blog and what I blog about. I know i don't write an awful lot on here... sometimes i just don't have the words and i also like to think the images speak for themselves. But it would be nice to share a little more so that i have something in future to look back at... to see what i was doing/thinking at various stages in my life.

Hope you don't mind!