Antiques Fair.

I was lucky enough to spend my Monday morning at the antique collectors fair in Stoneleigh. Wandering amongst other peoples old junk and having a good rummage is kind of a perfect day in my book. My girlies tagged along for the ride (they had cake for lunch, so they didn't complain... too much), so it was basically us and a bunch of over-60's.

If I'm honest I thought it was all a bit pricey for my liking and so I'll probably stick to charity shops & car boots for those bargain buys in future. But all the same, it was good fun and I did manage to pick up a couple of wee treasures for yours truly.
Top purchase of the day.. my perfect little sewing box. I love it. well as a little stash of natural soft rope (which I plan to try and crochet something with), a couple of pretty doilies & a wad of felted wool.

Now that the weather's warming up I'm hoping to get out to a few more Sunday car boots .... 
(David *groans*!)