day out

A beautiful day

magnolia tree

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break. It was back to normality for us this week... but the sun continues to shine which always helps! 
I finished editing some pictures from the last couple of weeks and thought I'd share these with you of a very beautiful day we spent at Hidcote Garden in the cotswolds.

it was just one of those days... the sun shone, the magnolia was in full bloom, we pottered around & explored the gardens, picnicked on the grass, the girls played happily and we dozed in the sun ... very nice indeed.

magnolia tree
magnolia tree
spring blossom
my little Anouk
my sweet jemimah
on the bridge
pink magnolia tree
picnic under the tree
twirling anouk
terracotta plant pots
old statue & flowers
white flower
pots of succulents
greenhouse succulents
shoes off!

the gardens here were brilliantly designed and I came away with lots of ideas, though I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to gardening I'm keen to give it a go. we've built a veg box this year and so far planted strawberries, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes & herbs. so we shall see!
I love the idea of being self sufficient, living off the land - but I'm also aware it requires a lot of hard work too! Any tips welcome! x