Create and Capture

With the sudden rise of high quality camera phones, it recently occurred to me that there are now a lot of people with beautiful, quality cameras sitting in a bag never getting used. And what a shame that is, you just can't beat an SLR in my opinion - no matter how good the phone!

Last Friday I taught my first camera workshop at The Little Grey Shed.

4 lovely ladies came armed with their bearly used DSLR cameras - knowing very little about them and what they are capable of. The focus of the workshop was to get to know their cameras better and give a general understanding of how photography works. 

I received some great feedback and have since added 3 new workshop dates!

Book here if you're interested in joining us for a session and learning about how to take better pictures with your digital camera.

I will be offering ongoing support through a private Facebook group for those who book on and regularly set projects for practice purposes. 

I'd also like to use the wonders of social media to engage with people further afield, by using the hashtag #CreateandCapture_ (remember the underscore :) ...so we can share our work and inspire each other to take better pictures.

To get things going, February/March will be focused on taking better, stronger portraits... I hope you will join in by uploading inspiring images to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #CreateandCapture_Portraits

Create and Capture Portraits | carolyn carter

Keen to set a good example, I had my camera on my arm for most of the weekend. We went on a windy walk, but the sun was out and created this lovely warm light. 

Create and Capture Portraits | carolyn carter
Create and Capture Portraits | carolyn carter

(this one had had enough!)