Hello! Happy 12.12.12 day! (?)

So I thought I'd post a little update from this last week..

First up, the Christmas craft fair last weekend went really well. In fact it couldn't have gone better considering it was my first proper one (let's ignore the one the week before). I sold a fair bit and got a lot of interest in my work... including my portrait stuff too. So a pat on the back and big smiles there.

I was honoured to be a part of such a good fair - with some great talent (i managed to do a bit of shopping myself!). The event was organised by the wonderful 'crafty muthas', they do one in the spring as well... so hopefully I'll get a stall for that one too!

(Me at my stall sampling the homemade celeriac soup.)

A lot of energy went into getting ready for this and it well and truly paid off :) ....but i was completely wiped out afterwards! Nothing that a hot bath and good night sleep didn't sort out though.

We spent Sunday getting into the Christmas spirit with the girls... I'm really looking forward to a little holiday time now.


Apologies... all these photos were taken on my phone, except this one...

... can you tell?

I'll admit to having been a bit lazy with my camera recently. But it'll be dusted off in the next day or two as I have 2 commissions this weekend.

So now we are well into the swing of Christmas here... how about you?