So Sunday's craft fair turned out to be a little disappointing... admittedly it was a risk as I signed up to it with out even knowing what it would be like or who else would be there (I've learnt my lesson!). Either it hadn't been advertised properly or the location was a bit pants (probably both!), the long and the short of it was... no one came! 

So we sat there, we drank tea and got cold, we bought a few bits from one anothers stalls and had a little chinwag. Some friends of mine turned up for morale support and probably generated the most sales for everyone there *high five!*

(Prepping the night before...and staying warm.)

So I'm viewing it as more of a dress rehearsal for this coming Saturday's Winter Fair with the 'crafty muthas' in Bearwood. After Sunday, I have reorganised my table display, decided what looked good and what didn't, what needs to be more eye catching...etc, plus I will remember to take a packed lunch too!

Here's the info... 

If you're local please do come along and support all the talented crafters & artists. I went to the first one a couple of weeks back and all the stalls have really lovely stuff and in most cases far better than what you'd find on the high street. 

If you're not local to me, then do find your nearest handmade fair and go and support them. When so much these days is mass produced family & friends will appreciate something that is unique & made with a bit of love and care this Christmas...

p.s. I'm doing a giveaway on here in the next day or two, so pop back soon. x