a return to film

I love the quality and texture of film photography, it's where I started when I first began taking pictures and where I seem to have returned to recently. There's no denying the brilliance of digital photography, the quality, conveince and control it gives you is incredible these days.
But look at these pictures... You don't get that dreamy, nostalgic effect from a DSLR. 

The following images are taken on Ildford Fp4 film. 

film love | carolyn carter
Photography by Carolyn Carter
Roses | Photography by carolyn carter
film love | carolyn carter
eucalyptus photography | carolyn carter
Eucalyptus leaf | Black & white photograph
Film love | carolyn carter

You can purchase a 3 of the images in my shop as a digital download - that you can have on your computer or print off from home - or... as a pack of 4 greeting cards

Roses image - digital download | carolyn carter
greeting cards | carolyn carter