After months of half finished pieces and balls of wool dotted over the house, nights of sitting with my crochet hook, half concentrating, half nattering or watching some telly .. I've gathered together the final products... the sellable ones... in preparation for my first craft fair this Sunday. 

Alongside my calendars and postcards I plan on having a little basket of these woolly creations. Prices are starting cheap as they are kind of the beginning of something.. an experiment perhaps - that I hope will develop. 

Knitting and crochet was an unexpected hobby that I've really gotten into. One of the ways I've have been able to be expressive and creative, alongside being Mummy at home with my girlies.

Stock includes wrist warmers and cowls in various colours and wools.

The first fair is this Sunday (1st Dec), at... 
The Hub, Vicarage Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham. 

If your local be sure to drop in and say hi! 

I'll post some photos of the event next week. Have a great weekend. x