Goodbye Summer

I guess it's over... so long summer for now, it was wonderful while it lasted and who's to say the sun might not still make the odd appearance again.

In the mean time... let's reminisce a little over a wonderful time that was had. 

little departures
watermelon treats
blue sea
beach finds
pomegranate flowers
the island
i have this thing with floors
family pic

3 weeks in Greece was by far the highlight of our summer, it was jolly hard to leave!

but There is much to be excited about over the coming weeks, as this new season dawns. Lots of change, new ventures and exciting opportunities. And We're still managing to squeeze in a camping trip and a holiday in October, So can't complain really!

so As the greeks like to say as they close up their holiday homes and head back to the cities, "Kalo Ximona!"