January making...

(My desk*)

With a busy run up to Christmas crocheting into the wee small hours, my poor fingers needed a rest! So I switched my attention to my sewing machine... 

There's a lot I still don't know about sewing as I haven't done a lot of it in the past, but with so many projects I'm keen to have a go at, I'm happy to learn along the way even if that means a rather lot of mistakes! 

The girls got new bunk beds at Christmas, so I attempted to make my first quilted blanket. I had a whole batch of lovely bits of fabric I wanted to use up anyway, including some gorgeous liberty cotton. The colours all flowed very nicely and I bought this gorgeous blue cashmere/wool fabric to back it with. 

So with a bit of determination and some youtube tutorials later... the result was this simple patchwork quilt for my daughter.

(don't look too closely)

In other making news...

I was attempting another cushion over the weekend, until my sewing machine gave up on me!

I got my crochet mojo back on mid-Jan and started to think about a spring range I may attempt for the up and coming fairs. I quite like the idea of this crocheted vase. What do you think?

I knitted this cowl for a friend but will be listing it in my shop very soon in 4 different colours! :)

Expect to hear of a shop update in the next week or so... but that's all from me for now. 

Have a good week. xx

*that folding table was picked up at a car boot for a fiver! *high five*