Blogging in 2015

My blog has taken a back seat lately, but that's not to say I don't still enjoy writing it and especially going back over past posts. So along with a handful of other things for 2015, one of the things I want to do more of this year.... blog more regularly! 

And this is why...

"What's important to you in life? What gets you excited to wake up in the morning. What do you catch yourself daydreaming about during the daily grind, or looking forward to on weekends? Blogging shines the spotlight on those things and over time will help you focus on what lights you up. That's what you need more of, don't you think? Blogging about the good things will make you actively seek more of them, and keep you right on track with what makes life great!"

Extract taken from this bloggers post.... i thought she summed it up nicely. Let's see how I go.

Anyone else thinking to do the same?