Summer craft fair.

(On one of the warmer days last week I sat out in the garden sorting out my knitwear products ready for the fair.)

So this was my second bearwood craft fair. The last one I did was in December and with it having been such a success I was uncertain what to expect at the summer one. Unlike at Christmas, there was not a particular reason for people to be in the spending mood.... well obviously some people don't NEED a reason to spend. :) 
It was a very lovely day, organised brilliantly by the very talented crafty muthas... and to top it off i managed to sell a fair bit too. My newly printed greeting cards being probably the most popular (particular with the older ladies. :)

(That's my table in the front left hand corner.)
Above are a selection of my knitted cowls... two of which were purchased by these lovely ladies.. don't they look fab?

 A selection of my prints mounted & wrapped...

 The hall was decorated with cut up vintage fabric... very pretty & effective.

I'm so happy to have been apart of it and to have a stall alongside so many other lovely, talented ladies (& a few gents!).

Thanks for having me Crafty Muthas! x