Decorating for girls...

For me, one of the most fun parts about moving into our own home was decorating the girls rooms... 

At the moment they have a room of their own. With our youngest being an earlier riser we are keeping them apart a little longer.

I may post some pictures of the final outcome in a couple of weeks if you like and if I'm brave enough to share... but I just thought I'd put up some of my inspiration for the decor, for me as much as anyone that might read this...
I'm no expert, I have simply tried to incorporate things I have liked from design blogs, magazines and (more importantly) my own girls tastes & characters!


First up, vintage fabrics, toys or furniture are a favourite look - they look really cool and create an authentic feel to the room. The combination of vintage and modern is very appealing to me and I've managed to bag some great finds in the local charity shops round here. 


Fun artwork, photographs, posters or postcards dotted about... give a more personal touch.

Colour on white is fun and helps things stand out.

Organisation is helpful... for tidying away at the end of the day and can look good too.

Creative areas, i.e. book corners, area for arts & crafts, little desk.

Soft lighting, for bedtime reading and winding down at the end of the day.

Display special nicnacs and treasured ornaments creatively...


Toys put away, out of sight - kids forget all about them, so when you bring them out for them to play with, they appreciate them more and it's like Christmas!


And most importantly, as you can see ... 'girly' doesn't have to be naff and sugary with pink fluffy bunnies everywhere. ;)

The End.