Work & Play

I just love the colours in this bouquet of flowers. Taken from a wedding I photographed a few weeks back and have finally finished editing this afternoon... phew! Weddings are such a big old job... 

Also starting to think about putting together my 2013 calendar. It seems my 'to do' list just keeps growing. I want to get a nice little stash of stock together to take around the up and coming Christmas fairs that are held around these parts. Being new to the area, I'm keen to make an introduction and do that all-important networking.

In other news.... here are my lovely girls. 

They have just got to that lovely stage where they make up little games together. It's funny to watch Jemimah try to engage with Anouk and include her in her little role plays. Anouk just goes along saying "yesh" to any old thing (well almost!).

It's amazing to observe this cheeky little toddler and see her unique personality coming through.