Baby Talk

Although technically this is a photography blog... it doesn't matter that I include other bits and pieces in my life, does it?

I hosted a baby shower for my big sister last weekend. We decided to go with a loose theme of 'natural/organic'. I thought it would be fun to share ideas and see what things have worked for each of us and our littlies. There are so many amazing natural resources out there that aren't particularly well known, so I wanted to exchange recipes and remedies (and then post on here for others to read too!).
However, I wasn't sure if it would really work as a party theme... (this was my first baby shower!), but the ladies that came along rose to the challenge and arrived with some wonderful ideas and things to share. It turned into a really fab, girly afternoon.

{Homemade lavender treats from Clare!}

{Baby goodies!}

I put together a little brochure with some recipes and info for everyone to take home...

Here are some of them:

- Infuse olive oil with chamomile & calendula flowers for 6 weeks, strain the oil & discard the herbs. Massage onto baby’s skin or put a couple of drops in their bath. 

- Chamomile tea drank in small doses can also be good at helping soothe eczema and colic.

- Bathe nappy rash in bath of Bicarbonate soda over 3 days to heal (can also be used smeared on bug bites in a paste substance).

- Breastmilk in the ear is a good way to treat an ear infection. You can also mix a solution of ½ hydrogen peroxide and ½ warm water and gently squirt it into the baby's ears with a medicine dropper several times a day. If the infection is advanced or if it gets worse, see a doctor immediately.

- Oatmeal Baby Bath: 1 cup of whole oats, whirl oats in a blender or food processor until they are reduced to powder. Sprinkle powder into the bath and swirl. You will be amazed at the softness of the water and of your baby's skin..

- A good natural antibiotic ointment to use on baby is honey. Be sure, however, that your baby cannot get it into his mouth. You can also use breastmilk. 

Simply apply the honey or breastmilk to things such as an inflamed circumcision cut or infected umbilical cord and cover the area if necessary, otherwise let it get some air.

This post is also very useful, I used some of her suggestions too!

Delicious herbal teas were given by a friend... with all the details of what they're good for:

- Nettle and Peppermint tea. For windy babies and good for mummy particularly if she's had a c-section.
- Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla. For vitamin C and 'pick me up' on a tired afternoon. 
- Sweet Fennel for both of above, gripe pains and wind for baby.
- Lemon and Ginger. A good comforting drink with vitamin C, revitalises you, restores energy and healing levels. 
- Chamomile. For the opposite to help you sleep and relax.
- Green tea. For detoxing and good at increasing metabolism, helping to loose any baby weight. 

Anyway, I hope this info comes in useful for you some time or another, whether you have little ones or not! :)