2014 Photography Calendar

My 2014 calendar is here and in my shop!

Very excited to be doing this for the 3rd year … and i think they get nicer each time! I will be bringing them along with me to any forthcoming craft fairs I am apart of. Otherwise order them online while stocks last.

There are also a few new colours added to my wristwarmer collection so go have a browse and tell me your fave…

So apparently there's only 5 and a half weeks until Christmas and then 7 and a half until 2014! What's that all about then? Must mean I'm getting old when years fly by as fast as they seem to these days.


Today was a beautiful autumn day - so we took a walk round our local park and as usual the colours of autumn never cease to amaze me. 

The girls loved throwing the leaves and squelching in the mud….. so much so Jemimah has asked for a muddy puddle for Christmas. I'm pretty sure we can sort that out for her! She's pictured here modelling her new winter hat I made from a pattern out of 'Simply Crochet' magazine. She loves it and I am loving the effect of the little puff stitches.
D is also wearing his new wristwarmers… 

Hope you had a lovely weekend! x