Hooray it's March! 
Well, February wasn't too bleak in the end, we had some sunshine dotted about here and there and managed to stay warm in front of the fire as much as possible. But of course, it's nice to know we're heading into Spring and there shouldn't be any more days as cold as this one.....

We froze our a*$@£^ off on a recent trip to a local national trust property... 'Hanbury Hall'. But despite the sub-zero temperatures it was a fun day out with my sister who was visiting and all our brood.

My sister & I ... we don't look much alike do we?

(Anouk stood looking at this cherub for quite some time... made me laugh)
Much needed hot chocolate stop, to warm the cockles.

My frozen fingers could barely snap anymore photos than these, but you get the idea.
So, March is a busy one for us, friends & family visiting and a certain little girls' 2nd birthday. 
Lots to look forward to.